What are the show dates?
The shows will be held on Thursday, Friday & Saturday (29 Nov – 01 Dec)

How many shows are happening?
There are 4 shows in total.

Day Time
Thu 29 Nov 9:30PM
Fri 30 Nov 09:30PM
Sat 01 Dec 7:30PM
Sat 01 Dec 09:30PM

What is the entry price?
The entry price is fixed at Rs. 2,500 for all shows

Is there parking available?
Parking will only be available on the roadside. Carpool & ride share services are encouraged.

What time do I need to come?
The shows will start promptly on time. Guests are requested to please reach the venue at least 30mins before the start.

What is the difference between the early show at 7:30PM and the late show at 9:30PM?
There is no difference in the shows. The comedians line up is the same for both shows.

What kind of show is this?
This is a stand-up comedy show, in English only. Each show will feature 4 comedians who will be performing stand-up comedy routines.

What kind of jokes will be a part of the show?
The comedians performing are professional comedians who tour globally, and have performed extensively across the world. They have appeared on TV channels like Comedy Central, HBO, NBC, CBS, Showtime. The jokes will be part of their global routines, and will cover a broad range of topics.

How long is the show?
The show will run for 100mins, with no interval

Who is performing?
We have 4 international comedians performing – Kyle Grooms, Rob Ryan, Gabriel Rutledge and Umar Rana.

Can I bring children to the show?
The minimum age to enter the auditorium is 16 years. This is due to the mature content of the show.

Is dinner included with the show?
No. The ticket price only includes entry to the show. Please note that food and drinks are not allowed inside the auditorium.

Are there any snacks available at the venue?
There is a small canteen where you can buy basic snacks and drinks.

If I buy tickets to an early show, can I switch with the later show or another day?
Sorry, this won’t be possible. All tickets are accounted for on a per show basis, and refunds and exchanges are not allowed.

Is this a formal event with a dress code?
No. There is no dress code and it’s a fun and casual event, based around comedy!

Can I take pictures with the comedians?
There will be a limited meet & greet after each show, and you’ll be able to take a few pics. Please note that photography and videography is NOT allowed during the shows

Do you deliver my tickets?
Yes, once your order is confirmed, your tickets will be delivered to your address.

Do you allow cameras or video/audio recording?
Patrons may take photographs before or after the show. Taking photographs, filming, videotaping, cell phone taping of shows without the written consent of Comedy Masala and the artist is strictly prohibited. Patrons who abuse this policy will be ejected immediately.

Comedy Masala